Emily Mills

Unignorable Illustration + Design

Emily Mills

Unignorable illustration + design

Emily Mills

Unignorable illustration + design

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You have a story. I’d love to help you tell it visually!

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I have a broad range of experience to deliver a quality, professional product whether it’s a logo, book illusrations, a website, or print piece.

Workshops & Speaking

Bring me to your next event to speak about the value and importance of illustration or to teach a workshop on sketchnoting.

My Book

The Art of Visual Notetaking is an interactive guide to visual communication and sketchnoting. Available from major retailers and booksellers.

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Sketchnote Academy is the place to learn sketchnoting online. Start with the free “Drawing for Beginners” course and move your way up over time.

If you aren’t communicating visually, you might as well not be communicating at all.

No matter what I’m working on or who I’m working with, my overall mission is to help people visually connect and communicate with each other.I’ve been delivering high-quality, professional services to clients since 2008, and I’d love to help you, too.