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My Story

I didn’t stop drawing after childhood.

If you put a blank space in front of me, be it a wall (sorry, mom), paper, classroom whiteboard, or restaurant napkin, I’d be drawing pictures on it. I wasn’t an athlete, extroverted, or the brightest student, but I could draw better than everyone else. I learned that drawings are great conversation starters. People (no matter their age) are curious about images. As I grew up, my dream job was to be a cartoonist like my heroes Gary Larson (“The Far Side”) and Bill Watterson (“Calvin and Hobbes.”). I drew cartoons for the high school paper and also for 3 years in college (I even got paid!).

I loved illustration, but also knew I needed to make a living and made the rational decision to pursue graphic design instead.

Drawing helped immensely in my design work because I could draw a logo faster than I could render it on a computer. I loved how drawing enabled me to ideate quickly in a sketchbook. I quickly found out that a lot of graphic designers can’t draw and was complimented on having that skill. After 7 years of graphic design work, I started missing drawing.

I decided to get back to my love of illustration.

I started small and drew on my office whiteboard. Then a former coworker asked me to draw for a few videos. Then The Sketch Effect saw those videos and I started working with them. I’ve branched out into illustrating for websites, merchandise, and books to give your audience an immediate connection with your content. I live in Nashville, TN and work with clients both local and non-local.

How I can Help You

Do you write? Do you have a website?

I will illustrate your key points and takeaways for a more memorable and shareable summary of your content.

  • Illustrations help break up your content. A wall of text intimidating to impatient readers.
  • Takeaways in a visual format are more memorable and shareable.

Do you run a conference or live event?

I will take Sketchnotes or do Graphic Recording to document your event and highlight key points.

  • Display Graphic Recording boards in common areas after sessions for attendees to see and share.
  • Receive digital copies to send your attendees and share online.

What Clients Are Saying

Emily Carlton is awesome! We've loved having her represent The Sketch Effect to our Nashville-area clients and they couldn't be happier with her work. Not only is she a talented illustrator, designer, and sketch artist, but she's also a great person and a pleasure to work with--a rare commodity in today's marketplace. Hire Emily--you won't regret it!

William Warren

Founder & Principal, The Sketch Effect

I would recommend (and have recommended…many times) Emily to anyone seeking illustration, design or anything creative, really. She’s a breeze to work with, extremely professional, clear and upfront. We (Film Lab Creative) used emily on a few different projects. We delivered a script and a concept and had her brainstorm specific scenes/characters/images that correspond with a voiceover. Us and our client were blown away with what we got. We’d hire her again in a heartbeat. Plus, she’s a great hang and can make about anyone laugh.

Neil Sandoz

Producer, Film Lab Creative

Emily is obviously a talented artist. But beyond that, she's very responsive and easy to work with: a real professional. Her illustrations have raised our blog to a whole new level.

Barry Harrison

Managing Director, Resolve Digital, LLC

Working with Emily was an absolute delight. As a small business owner I work with many freelancers and to find one with a great personality, incredible design, AND great business integrity is almost impossible to find.  I found them all with Emily.

Carlos Whittaker

Author, Speaker, Disruptor,

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