I’ve had the opportunity to work on illustration and design projects with amazing companies and individuals, and I can help you, too! I don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches for my clients– Everyone has a unique message and audience, so I’ll work with your specific needs to find the perfect visual solution. I’d love to talk with you to see how I can help you!

I have pursued drawing and art since childhood. I took every art class I could, participated in art shows, and drew comic strips for the high school and college papers. When it was time to pick a major in college, the recession was in full-swing. I felt torn between wanting to pursue art because it was what I enjoyed, but I also wanted to be able to earn a living– I wasn’t sure I could do both. A friend of mine suggested the graphic design program to me, and after learning about it I dove in head-first! Graphic design blends together my passions of drawing, business, and marketing.

I have served graphic design clients since 2008 and illustration clients since 2015.  I focus primarily on illustration projects these days, but graphic design is still around! I also teach sketchnoting at SketchnoteAcademy.com.

#1. Many designers can’t or don’t draw. I can, and I do. Here’s why it matters: 

Many people assume that because graphic designers work in a creative field, they all must be able to draw. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Drawing is an important skill that helps a designer draft ideas and iterate faster that you ever could on a computer.  Do you really want to be paying someone for that extra time? My guess is no. It’s also rare to find a designer who can also do illustration. I can do both types of work with excellence.

#2. Many designers don’t know how to interact/do business with you and don’t communicate. I make communication my top priority. 

It is unacceptable to hire someone and be met with confusion and silence. You should know what to expect before you pay someone. When you bring a project to me, I outline everything you need to know in the proposal before you ever agree to anything. In your proposal, I will:

  • Define the roles: Who does what
  • Set expectations: What needs to happen and when
  • Explain the process: Every project is different! This is customized for you.
  • Set deadlines: Timelines for drafts and final product delivery
  • Explain terms: rights and agreements explained

#3. I am a professional, not a production factory.  

You could hire any ol’ person to create your project, but you don’t want just anyone… You need someone who is going to speak up to make your project better, not just do your bidding without feedback. When you hire me, you are hiring me for my experience and insight, not just my skills. If I see something that could be made better, I’m going to tell you, even if it’s not related to our project! Why? Because I actually care about my clients. I treat every client like a partner, not a paycheck.


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