If you aren’t communicating visually, you might as well not be communicating at all.

I read cartoon strips like The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes during my childhood. I was enamored with the stories that could be told in 3 panels (or even one!) and saw the opportunities to incorporate wit and humor in a message. I still think illustrations are the most memorable and fun ways to communicate, which is why I’ve spent my life learning, practicing, and refining my skills as an illustrator and designer. I love helping people communicate visually!

You don’t need just an illustrator or designer. You need a professional.

You could hire any ol’ person to create your project, but you don’t want just anyone You need someone who is going to speak up to make your project better, not just do your bidding without thoughtful feedback. My clients hire me for my experience and insight, not just my skills. If I see something that could be made better or I get an idea, I’m going to tell you because when we work together, we’re partners.

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