Contact Form Questionnaire:
All inquiries must complete the contact form in order for me to consider your project. This form helps me better understand your project and your goals. I read every response, but may not take on every project. My time is limited and I must be selective with the clients I take on. Clients that are prepared, know what they want to accomplish, and have an interest in working with me specifically have greater consideration. Once I receive an inquiry I will carefully review it to see if I am the best fit to help with the client’s needs.



If your inquiry is able to move forward, I will respond to you and begin the consultation process. This process is to further discover your goals and address project specifics.

The client/professional relationship that begins here must be based on mutual trust and confidence. My goal is to provide massive value to you, and you must have full confidence in my ability to do so. I must trust you to know your goals, and you must provide everything I need for the project’s success and completion before work begins. I am responsible for the execution of the project and finding solutions to meet your goals.

All discussions must be upfront and honest. If there are questions, they should be asked or clarified– the earlier the better.


A project cannot be successful without goals. In the consultation I ask thorough questions about your goals to make sure I can help you reach them.


I do not ask for a budget or provide pricing early on because my main focus at this point of the project is to understand your goals and help you be successful. Every client is unique and every solution I provide has different value, so I do not feel comfortable charging standard fees to clients that have different needs. If an initial quote is needed, I can usually work from the questionnaire, though a more in-depth consultation will reveal a more accurate price.


Project Start


The contract outlines the following and should be read thoroughly by the client before signing:

  • Scope & Objectives
  • Client Responsibilities
  • Rate & Payments
  • Warranty & Rights
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Timetable
  • Agreement

A final, fully-executed contract is sent to you. All materials necessary to the project’s completion must be sent by you before work can begin.


During the creation process I will research, sketch, and draft until I reach a concept that meets the project specifications and helps the client reach their goals. I will present an initial draft to the client and walk through how my work meets specifications and helps reach goals. Adjustments are made at this time, and are presented to the client for final review.



Once the project has passed final review and you have paid the final invoice, final files and assets will be released to you.

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