The Path of Knowledge:

Please Note:

All stops along the path are merely suggestions according to my research. Please feel free to go where YOU want to go.

Stop #1: Pick up a New Book

Your recommendation is King’s English for their local selections and helpful staff or Weller Bookworks for their selections and fun location.

Get a new physical book, ebook, or audiobook!

Stop #2: Take a Class

ClassPop! offers both in-person and online classes like Learning how to make a sushi roll, boozy brunch cocktails, cooking paella, and more. OR, reconnect with your pottery roots and take a “try it out” class at Art Haus! OR, maybe something on Groupon catches your eye.

Stop #3: Visit the Utah Museum of Fine Art

Alright, so this one is free with your univeristy ID, but consider a nudge to visit anyway since it’s on the path of knowledge. 🙂 “Air is on display until December. Air makes the invisible visible, through contemporary art that explores air from environmental, social justice, and cultural perspectives.”