What is The Sketch Effect?

I am an artist for a visual communications company called The Sketch Effect, which is based in Atlanta. I live and work in Nashville, TN where I serve our local clients, and I also travel to wherever else our clients need us. Our mission is to elevate your ideas through remarkable visual communication. Learn more here or contact me if you’d like to hire me to visualize your event!

What tools do you use?
First and foremost, the tools don’t make the artist so create and share with what you have!  All you need is the drive to succeed and to put in the work by practicing every day. Ok, now on the the answer you REALLY wanted. Here are my go-to tools:


Writing/Sketchnotes Tools:

Drawing/Illustration Tools:

Paper/Notebooks/Printed Goods:

Technology & Software:

  • iPad Pro – Large, powerful drawing tool. Tons of great drawing apps, too!
  • Apple Pencil – A non-negotiable purchase if you get the iPad Pro
  • ConvertKit – A powerful email system that meets all of my needs- much more than MailChimp could ever do!
  • Siteground – The best web hosting I’ve ever used! Great customer service.

Note: Some links are affiliate or referral links. Everyone wins! You get great tools and recommendations, I get a small bonus for referring you to buy. 

How did you get started illustrating?
I started getting paid to illustrate in 2011, but I had a lot of experiences that built up to that moment. I drew a lot as a kid. I’d write and illustrate my own stories, I drew on napkins at restaurants, I had 3 original cartoon strips that I made for myself (“Sheepish,” “Dingoz,” and “Busted Wheel”), I drew cartoons for the school paper in high school and college, and kept up drawing as part of the drafting process with my graphic design work.


I got started professionally drawing shortly after I decided to start sharing my drawings again. People noticed and remembered my work and asked me to do projects for them. I got inquiries based on the work I shared, even though I didn’t think it was anything special or even that good! My first gig outside of comic strips was drawing for some whiteboard videos. Those were seen by The Sketch Effect, and I joined their team shortly after to do sketchnotes and graphic recording. The rest is history! This is why I think it’s important to share your work no matter what- somewhere, someone will enjoy what you do and you never know where that can lead.
How long have you been doing sketchnotes/graphic recording?

I started doing sketchnotes and graphic recording in early 2015.

Can any live event use sketchnotes/graphic recording?

Pretty much! At The Sketch Effect, we do conferences, summits, meetings, panels, think tanks, church services, lectures, and more. If there’s a live event where information is being shared, we can probably capture it! View my portfolio or visit The Sketch Effect website to see examples of our work and use the contact page if you want to book us!