Revision Process:

The first step to a successful project is mutual trust and clearly defined roles and expectations. You, the client, should be confident in my ability to communicate, listen and understand, and create work that fulfills your goals. I, the designer, should trust that you know your marketplace and audience better than I do, and I will depend on you to provide valuable insight and content to me to help execute your project. My responsibility is to take information from you and create something that fulfills your goals, creating a massively valuable asset for you and your brand. All revisions should be made keeping the project goals in mind. 

Discovery This is a meeting, phone call, or email to make introductions and get some context on the project. At this time I will ask for project scope, discuss direction, and determine your goals (which can only be identified by you). I encourage direct communication!

Draft 1:

Concepts After I have all project assets from you, I will begin creating a first rough draft with 3-5 concepts. The purpose of this draft is to visualize ideas and make a starting point. This rough draft is focused on concept, not execution. After Draft 1 is complete it will be sent for feedback.

Draft 2:

Layout The purpose of this draft is to finalize layout and concept on 1- 2 of the 2-4 logo concepts you like most. With your feedback of Draft 1, l will begin making any necessary adjustments. After Draft 2 is complete it will be sent for your feedback.

Draft 3:

Details The purpose of this draft is to refine details (i.e. color, spacing) and get everything just right. A final concept must be chosen by this point. This is the last opportunity for major concept/layout changes to the logo. After Draft 3 is complete it will be sent for your feedback.

Draft 4:

Final This is the final draft. After Draft 4 is complete, flat files (jpg or png) will be sent for your approval.

Final Invoice + File Hand-off

Once the project is complete I will send the final invoice. Once final payment is completed, I will send a download link where you can download your final files of the logo.