Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important priority for JE Mills, Inc. and we take the privacy of our website visitors, email subscribers, and clients very seriously.

JE Mills, Inc. does not collect any user-specific data from people who visit our website. We use Jetpack and google analytics to track anonymous data on our visitors, such as country of origin and referring website, but we do not collect IP addresses or other personal information from visitors to our site. We do not share our usage statistics or any information we collect with any other companies or third parties, and we never sell or share any user data with anyone else. See Automattic’s privacy policy for more information on the data Jetpack collects and how they use this information.

Commenting is optional, and leaving a comment grants permission for your name and gravatar to be visible on that page of the JE Mills, Inc. website.

When clients hire JE Mills, Inc., they will need to provide graphics, pictures, logos, copy, and other information to be used in the project. They may also provide us with a means to access their website so the files we create can be uploaded to a client’s site. Clients always provide this data voluntarily and we never share any client data of any kind with anyone aside from what is publicly visible on the client’s website. We do retain offline copies (for a limited time) of pictures and other submitted data from clients in case the client later wishes to make changes to a site, loses files, or accidentally deletes data from a completed website, but we never share any personal files or data from clients with anyone else. We do not sell any information on clients or client lists to any third parties or other companies.

We will sometimes share a client’s completed project on our social media sites or include a testimonial from a client on our website, but this is always done with permission. Any client who wishes not to disclose their relationship with JE Mills, Inc. to the public will be kept completely confidential. When we share testimonials or promotional posts on our website or social media, we do not share private client information such as email addresses.

If you sign up for an email list, we collect your name and email address with your permission. We use ConvertKit to send emails and you are free to opt out at any time through a link at the bottom of each email. We do not share the names and email addresses from our email list with any other companies or third parties, nor do we sell or share any user data from our email list with anyone else. See ConvertKit’s privacy policy for more information on the data  collected and how they use this information.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on our privacy policy or the data we collect.