Relode is healthcare recruiting company on a mission to make recruiting good talent made easy. They are a referral community connecting healthcare professionals to the best jobs from top companies. Relode reached out to me for some extra design help including web and social ads, illustrations, and a a webpage design.




Relode needed a series of ads for websites and social media promoted posts. These ads would target nurses, physicians, and healthcare IT professionals. Each ad had different variations to test what messaging or visual was most effective. I created the ads following the Relode brand guidelines book.


New illustrations were needed for a webpage. The brand guidelines outlined the style that should be adhered to, but nothing had ever been created for this startup company. I needed to create something completely new using the style set forth.


I proposed two different approaches. One would be simple, following the icon styles in the brand guidelines, and the second would be colorful line art like the samples in the brand guide. Neither really felt like they worked, so we created a sort of hybrid illustration that was more complex than the icons, used the brand shapes, but wasn’t as complex as the illustration styles. This hybrid felt more on-brand than any other approach.


Each illustration mirrored the copy section it appeared next to on the webpage.

Brand Guidelines:

New Illustrations:

Landing Page Design

I took an existing landing page that was not effective in conversions and made several changes:


  • The same video was used at top and bottom of page of original. I kept it on bottom only- felt it distracted users from primary info they were looking for.
  • Re-wrote an engaging headline for users who were job searching that matched branding used elsewhere
  • Dramatically cut text and simplified to bullet points for easier reading and minimize scrolling
  • Added illustrations to help with understanding, keep visual interest, and help introduce the brand.