Gloria Ginn has been teaching people how to improve their eyesight for 41 years and has produced her own materials until recently. Gloria and I were introduced at an email marketing conference and reached out when she learned I was an illustrator. Gloria felt her models and illustrations needed a more professional approach to primarily to aid in her students understanding of the material, but also to aid in elevating her content’s appearance as well.


Gloria broke down her needed scope of work, then forwarded me her current models and materials, along with scientific illustrations and diagrams of the eye. We had a phone call to talk through each illustration and what needed to happen.

Gloria wanted the aesthetic of the illustrations to balance between clinical and friendly. The models needed to be accurate, but they could have a hand-drawn feel to make a scary (and sometimes gross!) subject matter feel more appealing to students. Using illustrations instead of photos or scientific diagrams allows Gloria to show what’s happening in the eye at a more exaggerated level than reality, which helps students grasp the concepts more easily. My husband Joseph completed the animations for Gloria using AfterEffects.

Final files

After 2 drafts, we arrived at final concepts for all 9 illustrations and the animation. The illustrations are now being used in Gloria’s presentations, workshops, and online courses. You can find out more about Gloria at

You helped create illustrations that are an essential for my business, and a difficult concept to illustrate! I will use these a LOT. I appreciated your willingness to listen, and flexibility when changes needed to be made. You came up with some awesome creative solutions, and you are prompt and meet deadlines. I would absolutely work with you again. I love your work. It is creative and professional, and you were a breeze to collaborate with.

Gloria Ginn

Founder, School of Better Eyesight