I recently asked for suggestion of create women professionals I should be following on Twitter, and several friends recommended Val Geisler, an email marketing consultant. Shortly after following her, Val tweeted out asking for help for illustrations and I jumped at the opportunity!



Val shared how she wasn’t able to reach her previous contractor and decided to look for someone else. I pride myself on having excellent communication with clients and told her she’d never be ghosted by me!

Val liked the aesthetic her previous contractor had used, so I sent a style sheet showing how the style used by her previous contractor could be applied to new illustrations (and also re-do some of the old ones.)  Val and I went back and forth on a few different options for various placements on her site, and ultimately decided on 4 main illustrations for’s homepage.

Draft 1

Draft 2


Final Concepts

With Val’s valuable input, I worked towards concepts that best represented’s brand and the messaging. We arrived at the final images after a few rounds of editing. You can see these illustrations live at