The Brief

This Hero image project had only 3 parameters:

  1. Don’t let the design bring about the downfall of
  2. Don’t use salty language
  3. Only use original assets or those from a public domain source

Other than that, I was free to take the direction in whatever way I chose.

The Solution

This was a really fun project because there were so few rules- but that also made it challenging! I decided that limiting myself would produce a better design, so I picked an illustration style and limited myself to a few colors.

The foundry described their typeface as “very friendly looking” and I wanted the hero image to reflect that. The font has flourish tail on K, k, Q, and R, and I made sure to use those letters within the sample text.

I reached out to a few peers who gave some helpful tips, and I’m proud of the final product. See below for early sketches and drafts.