Franklin Prayer House is a local part of a larger prayer movement across the US where individuals from many different churches gather from across their region to pray and worship.

The Franklin Prayer house exists to create space outside of normal church times for people to meet with Jesus, worship, and cultivate a growing relationship with God. After getting involved personally, I asked if I could lead the charge on rebranding the Prayer House and re-designing the website. This project is still ongoing.



First, I hopped on a discovery call with the Franklin Prayer House director, Ryan Hall. I asked questions to learn about the history, vision, brand, and desired future. After talking through the needs, I got to work on drafts.

I begin all logo projects with sketching. Sketching by hand allows me to iterate and explore options more quickly than I could on a computer. This project was unique in that all of my sketching was done in the Franklin Prayer House itself. I prayed that God would give me the creative direction this project needed and sketched during worship sets over the course of a few weeks.

Refining Strongest Concepts

After sketching concepts, I showed the strongest 3 concepts to Ryan, who loved them all, but ultimately we both knew exactly which logo would be the best fit for the brand. 

Final Version

Now that the final concept was chosen, I began to refine the logo, keeping in mind the goals and vision. The brand assets (final colors, patterns, typography, etc. are forthcoming, and the website is also in-process.

If you’d like to see more of this brand, go to