Password: emilycarltonvideo

Context: This illustration video was produced for Videofruit. The featured stories were shot as part of a series. I was hired by Armosa Studios to illustrate sections of b-roll.

Execution: The illustrations were done on iPad Pro using the Procreate app.

Goals: The goal was to create visual interest during storytelling parts of the video. There was no b-roll to support the story in some places, so instead of having the camera be focused on Cathryn’s face during the whole story, we broke it up into animated, illustrated sections.

Reception: People loved the video and the series was a success.

Context: This illustration video was produced for Journey Church. The illustrations were set to a spoken word/storytelling piece written and performed by CJ Casciotta. Dan Martinie took the illustration playback and edited it to be perfectly timed to CJ. The voiceover was added to the video for portfolio purposes. The color palette used in the video was the same as the church’s brand colors.

Goals: The goal was to introduce a concept in the form of a story (much like Jesus did!) before the sermon got into the topic in greater depth. The illustration part of the video was meant to engage the audience’s visual attention while CJ spoke. The simple drawings were meant to help the audience remember and better identify with key points.

Reception: The video was very well received, and a lot of people made a note to mention it to myself and church staff later on.