The Brief:

I was asked to help Campaign Monitor with some infographics as they transitioned into new branding. Campaign Monitor is a parent company of several email marketing brands, and I worked specifically with Emma and Campaign Monitor.


I met with the Campaign Monitor team in Nashville to get up to speed on the new brand guides, learn about their goals, and determine my role. These first infographics with the new implemented branding would help inspire and shape future work, so it was crucial to get the look, tone and feel nailed down. In the beginning, I sent drafts before they were completed to make sure I was on-brand before wasting a lot of time completing the entire infographic. 

Illustration: The Emma branding utilizes an illustration system which allows for a lot of creativity and diversity. Campaign Monitor’s simple aesthetic allowed me to create me own illustrations as there were very few existing resources to pull from.


The goals of the infographics are to be informative, visually striking, and align with the new branding. The infographics are shared via email and the blog. Infographics make information easier to digest and are fun to share on social media.


As both Emma and Campaign Monitor had undergone recent rebranding, it was a challenge to read through the new brand guides and implement a new project without having and or many examples to draw from. Another challenge was switching project management systems from Basecamp to Asana.

See the infographics live on the Campaign Monitor Blog and the Emma Blog.