Matt “WhoIsMatt” Johnson is a wedding filmmaker based in Texas. Matt helps other filmmakers on YouTube with teaching videos, advice, critiques, and a subscription program. Matt decided to launch a new subscription service offering to his 137,000+ subscribers called “Matt’s Music List,” which is a curated list of Matt’s favorite songs and best discoveries for wedding films. This service saves filmmakers time on a task that can can often take hours.




I created a logo for Matt 5 years prior that ended up never being used, so he wanted to repurpose and refresh the idea. As with every project, I started with sketching ideas on paper which allows me to iterate quickly so I can be more efficient on the computer.

Draft 1

Each option was an exploration of incorporating “MML” and sound waves together.

Draft 2

Final Version

You are professional (way more than I am), you work fast, and you have a killer creative eye. You make my businesses look legit! You have a great ability to almost read my mind and pick designs that look incredible with very little input from me. I'm currently sitting at 63 YouTube sponsors thanks to your "Mattmojis" chat emojis and beard sponsor badges! It's going up around 20 per month. I just recommended you yesterday because good talent is hard to find!

Matt Johnson

Head Honcho, FilmStrong Productions