Ramsey Solutions hired me to complete graphics for a social media quiz, “What kind of gift giver are you?” during the pre-Christmas season.



  • Boost sales on the DaveRamsey.com store, especially the holiday $10 sale items.
  • High engagement and sharing on social media. The quiz gave users a final quiz result along with gift ideas from the DaveRamsey.com store and an option to share their result (and the quiz).


Originally, the team asked me to find stock photos to represent each final quiz result. This proved to be difficult as there were too many variables in play, and to me, a stock photo didn’t seem very personable or fun. If people are going to do a social media quiz, it should feel fun AND look fun. I pitched the idea of illustrating the quiz landing image and result images in the style of emojis. People already like and are familiar with emojis, and I banked on custom illustrations having a higher probability of meeting the project goals than stock images.

The marketing team gave approval, and I got to work on the emojis. Now that I wasn’t looking for stock photos that probably didn’t exist, I could custom-design my result images to be exactly what I pictured. I could illustrate the perfect facial expression and use the perfect colors and props. While challenging to get *just right,* it was a much better use of my time and resulted in a more personable and fun image that people would actually identify with and share on social media.


The quiz was a hit! It accomplished the goals of gathering leads and pushing traffic to the store. The engagement on social media was high, and the quiz was shared more than anticipated.

The quiz can be viewed on the DaveRamsey.com blog.