When you write a book about sketchnotes, you have to illustrate it, too! This book project as a beast to write, but apart from the writing, I completed over 300 new illustrations for this project. 
The book is an interactive guide to visual communication and sketchnoting, and my illustrations help explain concepts, provide examples, show how things, work, and teach the reader how to master the skills. 


Illustrate the book to help fill space, illustrate concepts, be used as examples, and inspire and inform the reader. 


  • I didn’t anticipate how much work this would be to illustrate! It took much longer to illustrate the book than it did to write it. I wanted every illustration in the book to be new and never-before-seen.
  • I wasn’t sure how many illustrations to do- I wrote the book with the illustrations in mind. Nothing was an afterthought!
  • I hated not having creative control over the design and layout, but seeing as I wasn’t being paid to do this work on the book, I left it to the design team. In the end, I was happy with what was produced, but it did take some back and forth before we got there. 



My book launched in March 2019 to positive reviews! People have said some great things about it: