I first met Grant Skeldon in Dallas in 2014 when I was doing freelance design work for Initiative, the ministry he founded. We’d kept in touch over the years, and Grant reached out in summer 2018 to ask if I could illustrate his new book, The Passion Generation.
The book is about “The seemingly reckless, definitely disruptive, but far from hopeless millennials.” This book is one any generation can appreciate and my illustration work helps visualize Grant’s ideas.
Over 100 illustrations are in the book including:
  • Acknowledgements portraits
  • In-chapter illustrations
  • 4 chapter summary images for each chapter (17 chapters)


To visualize Grant’s ideas and poignant phrases to make a greater, lasting impact. 


  • Timeline. This book came along during a massively busy season, but I couldn’t say no to a friend! I’m thankful Grant and his team were able to extend the deadline for me. 
  • The publisher was extremely difficult to work with. The editors changed, I couldn’t reach anyone on the team, and ended up having to contact the corporate office directly because neither Grant nor I could get anyone to respond to our emails. In the end, everything worked out, but I think both Grant and I learned some valuable lessons!



The book launched to rave reviews in November 2018 and as of this posting, still has 100% 5 star reviews on Amazon. Many reviewers took the time to mention the illustrations, too!