DesignGum is an agency in Columbia, TN run by Christian Linares. Christian was creating branding for a new restaurant in town called Buck and Board, and as a part of the restaurant design, a wall mural was needed. Christian contacted me to illustrate it.




Christian gave me a picture the client loved and wanted to emulate. I borrowed the text style and motion from the piece, then began sketching concepts. After presenting rough sketches to the client for feedback, we narrowed in on one idea and began finalizing for the mural.


After I finalized the sketch, I created a vector version in Adobe Illustrator and sent the file off to Christian. The logo was projected onto a wall and traced, and then a local painter, Whitney, got to work carefully painting it.

The mural lettering was also turned into stickers for helping to promote the September launch of the wine bar. From illustrating the lettering mural and getting it painted, the whole project took 1 week.

In 2019, the wall mural was the backdrop for a photo that appeared in Southern Living Magazine.