Revision Process:

The first step to a successful project is mutual trust and clearly defined roles and expectations. You, the client, should be confident in my ability to communicate, listen and understand, and create work that fulfills your goals. I, the designer, should trust that you know your marketplace and audience better than I do, and I will depend on you to provide valuable insight and content to me to help execute your project. My responsibility is to take information from you and create something that fulfills your goals, creating a massively valuable asset for you and your brand. All revisions should be made keeping the project goals in mind. 

Draft 1: Layout

Think of this stage as building out the walls of a house. The purpose of this draft is to get the layout locked in before I begin adding in specific content.  This rough layout will not include detailed drawings or the full content. Once I have approval on a layout, I’ll move to draft 2.

Draft 2: Style

Think of this step as adding furniture in a house. The purpose of this draft is to populate the approved layout with the content. This stage determines how the content fits or if any cuts need to be made. This is a greyscale rough draft, which means it will not include detailed drawings, color, or other finalized details.

When I submit this draft to you for feedback, I will ask for your thoughts on the drawings (i.e. Are the images appropriate? Do they illustrate the point?, etc.) This is the last stage to make big changes. Once color is added, changes will take extra time and effort and may incur additional charges.

Draft 3: Detail 

Think of this step as picking out the colors and upholstery for the furniture. The purpose of this draft is to show final content in color.  If there are any color changes, I will correct and re-send for approval.

Draft 4: Final 

This is the final version of the file and the last opportunity to make minor changes. Once approved, I will send you the final invoice. Once paid, I will send you download links for all project deliverables.

Additional Revision Policy

If major revisions or drafts are needed outside of what is listed above, the final invoice may need to be adjusted to compensate for the extra time and work. You will be informed before that becomes the case. No invoice surprises!