Speaking + Workshops

I’ve spoken + given workshops at:

I’ve spoken + Given workshops at:

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March 26th  |  University of Northern Colorado |  Greeley, CO

April 13th  |  Craft Content Nashville|  Nashville, TN

July 18th | Montclaire State University | Montclaire, NJ

August 10  | Paper & Ink Arts |  Nashville, TN

September 12th  |  Private Business Group |  Colorado Springs, CO

October 10th & 11th  |  Salt19 Conference |  Hendersonville, TN

October 16th  |  Nomad Collab |  online

Want to bring me to your event to speak or teach a workshop?

I want to help you visually communicate!

I speak and teach workshops for students, creative professionals, and communicators all across America. You may have seen me at conferences like Creative South, at colleges and universities, or on TV! Draw from my experience–I’d love to come to your group!

I teach on these topics:

• Building a Creative Career After College – Talk

The Art of Visual Communication –  Talk + Workshop

Illustration 101 – Drawing Workshop

• Sketchnote Academy – Visual Notetaking Workshop

• Making Church More Visual – Talk + Workshop

Meet Emily

Emily Mills is an author, designer, illustrator, instructor, and sketchnoting fanatic based in Nashville, TN. She believes if you aren’t communicating visually, you might as well not be communicating at all. No matter what she’s working on or who she’s working with, her overall mission is to help people connect and communicate with each other using the “human language” that can cross barriers like language, generation, location, and even time: drawing.

    What People Are Saying:

    Three years ago, Emily spoke at UNC and really inspired me to think big! She made me realize that we shouldn't limit opportunities to a certain location and that led me to where I am today, currently interning in Barcelona. Thank you!

    Diana Caro

    She’s amazing, she tells you how it is and what the real world is like. It’s very helpful compared to the sugar coating you get every where else.


    Design student, University of Northern Colorado

    Emily’s teaching style is so approachable and fun! Even if you’re like me and afraid your artistic skills are lacking, she’ll help you feel confident. You won’t regret taking her class!


    Workshop Attendee, Nashville, TN

    Sketchnoting takes practice. It was humbling, but I didn't want to stop! The 3 hour workshop went by so fast, I wanted part 2! Really enjoyed the workshop and meeting Emily.

    Johnny B

    Workshop Attendee, Chattanooga, TN