Curious what it’s like to work with me? Check out these testimonies from past clients.

Emily has been incredible to work with. We’ve had some resource and efficiency constraints, and bringing on Emily immediately doubled our output. Her ability to take on multiple projects at a time has been incredibly helpful. More projects completed = more marketing opportunities for the business. 
I loved her flexibility and patience with projects. I also liked how proactive she was to get information– This is HUGE and such an asset to a project manager. By taking initiative she helped projects get executed quicker. By hiring Emily, we put out more work, have new ideas, she allowed the Associate Creative Director to focus and lead more in his day-to-day role, and she produced by far one of the best workbooks we’ve ever made at Ramsey Solutions!
Absolutely, Emily is by far the best contractor I’ve worked with at Ramsey Solutions. We talk about the ideal team player being humble, hungry and smart and she is just that. She’s been a true asset to our team, and our overall creative team. Her work is excellent, she's incredibly thorough in her execution, and her design is innovative. We’ve never had someone so quickly ramp up and design work be so consistent with existing work. She is an incredibly gifted designer, problem solver, and team player. What an absolute honor it has been to work with her. 
Emily Riser

b2b Creative Project Manager, Ramsey Solutions

We reached out to Emily for a high-impact, tight-deadline logo revamp, and she hit the ground running. Emily’s innate sensibilities for what would and would not work for our project were invaluable. She worked with us daily as we approached our deadline until she delivered a final logo that exceeded our expectations in every way. My only hesitation in recommending her your next project is that it might mean she would be unavailable for mine! She’s Nashville’s best-kept-secret.

Eric Murrell

Communication Director, Long Hollow Baptist Church

You are professional (way more than I am), you work fast, and you have a killer creative eye. You make my businesses look legit! You have a great ability to almost read my mind and pick designs that look incredible with very little input from me. I'm currently sitting at 63 YouTube sponsors thanks to your "Mattmojis" chat emojis and beard sponsor badges! It's going up around 20 per month. I just recommended you yesterday because good talent is hard to find!

Matt Johnson

Head Honcho, FilmStrong Productions

Emily Carlton has been a fantastic asset to our team and to our company. I genuinely have loved working with her, as I can always trust her to do the job right (the first time) and on time. She takes creative ownership, follows the process, and makes a big impact on the output of the team. Emily definitely works extremely quickly and thoroughly, but always asks the right questions first before diving in so she is making the best use of her time and the company’s time. When appropriate, she takes ownership of a project and makes it even better than what had been asked of her. Emily is extremely detail-oriented and often notices little things before I do, which makes the project that much better. 

I particularly appreciate how she doesn’t get ruffled or overwhelmed. I also absolutely love that she wants to make the best use of her time. Sometimes she worked so fast that she knocked through everything we had slated for her to do. In those cases, she didn’t just sit back and wait for another project, but asked how she could help and what other tasks she could accomplish. Emily did a wide variety of tasks for us, from small internal projects to complex and time intensive projects. Emily has the versatility, the creativity, and the drive to make an impact with whatever project she touches.
Heather Honeycutt

Project Manager, Ramsey Solutions

From the first design assignment I knew we had a winner. Emily goes out of her way to not only ensure we have the result we expect in paper, but also in the experience and branding that the company as a whole provides. From the small details in typography and the feeling each font conveys to making sure a design aligns with the experience we want to convey to our customers. Even when it's artwork that she doesn't make, she keeps an eye out out for us with advice and suggestions that can help the company as a whole, because she sees the big picture in working with her clients. She's not just a graphic designer, she's a helping hand just as much as any of our other employees to better the company as a whole, not just our graphics. She takes in our motto and vision and submerges herself in our culture when creating products for us. She really takes freelance to a whole new and more involved level that I haven't seen with any other freelancer that we've worked with.

Jose Arredondo

Defacto Productions

Working with Emily was an absolute delight. As a small business owner I work with many freelancers and to find one with a great personality, incredible design, AND great business integrity is almost impossible to find.  I found them all with Emily.

Carlos Whittaker

Author, Speaker, Disruptor,

Emily is an amazing illustrator and is exceptionally sharp. I hired her to turn jargon-y lectures from CEOs into creative and fun sketchnotes that would be accessible to a general audience. She brilliantly captured the essence of these lectures in head-turning sketchnotes every single time, despite me providing very little direction. Her illustrations would stop people in their tracks in our lobby, which is exactly what I wanted! She's fun to work with and I'd hire her again in a heartbeat.

Brett Israel

Director of Business News and Communications, Vanderbilt University

Emily Carlton is awesome! We've loved having her represent The Sketch Effect to our Nashville-area clients and they couldn't be happier with her work. Not only is she a talented illustrator, designer, and sketch artist, but she's also a great person and a pleasure to work with--a rare commodity in today's marketplace. Hire Emily--you won't regret it!

William Warren

Founder & Principal, The Sketch Effect

I would recommend (and have recommended…many times) Emily to anyone seeking illustration, design or anything creative, really. She’s a breeze to work with, extremely professional, clear and upfront. We (Film Lab Creative) used emily on a few different projects. We delivered a script and a concept and had her brainstorm specific scenes/characters/images that correspond with a voiceover. Us and our client were blown away with what we got. We’d hire her again in a heartbeat. Plus, she’s a great hang and can make about anyone laugh.

Neil Sandoz

Producer, Film Lab Creative