Workshop Supplies:

Workshop hosts/organizers are responsible for providing supplies for participants. This workshop can be done on a spectrum according to your desired budget and quality standards. Below is a list of my recommended supplies. You are more than welcome to purchase on other websites or use other products at your discretion.

In-person workshop Supplies List:

  • Plain white paper: at least 15 sheets per person (or) a sketchbook: one per person
  • Colored markers: 1-3 per person
  • Grey marker (if possible): 1 per person
  • Black gel pens: 1 per person

Budget options:

Premium options:

Virtual workshop Supplies List:

Please tell participants to come prepared with paper/sketchbook, a black pen, 1-3 colored markers, and a grey marker if they have one already. (no need to purchase)


Please contact me with any questions!



*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

If you want copies of my book,The Art of Visual Notetaking, to be made available for purchase after the workshop, please give 3 weeks notice before the event date so I can guarantee stock for your group. 

For small groups or short turnaround times, books are most affordable and available through Amazon.